Friday, June 24, 2011

365. Toy Story 3 (2010)


Thanks, guys.

note: I usually try to avoid spoilers, but I just couldn't do it with this one. If you haven't seen this, then do so. That is all.

The best movie of 2010, and nothing else even came close. Pixar pulled off something that pretty much no one else has ever done before (I'll admit it, even George Lucas). They created a trilogy of films that build on each other without ever losing their stride, getting progressively better, and creating characters that hold so much sentiment with viewers that I would would be willing to bet the scene pictured above elicited more tears than any movie of this generation. Maybe it is because I'm such a stickler for suspending my disbelief, but I actually thought that they might "kill off" the main characters in their penultimate episode. I still get a little misty when I think about my elation when the aliens scooped in with "the claw" to save our heroes. That final scene with Andy playing with the guys one last time, and individually explaining them to Bonnie mirrors what is going on in everyones head as they transition away from the wonders of their childhood imagination. And that final shot... I really can't explain how I felt when Woody issued that final "So long, partner".

It probably didn't help my emotions that this was also the first movie that I was accompanied by Abby. She had watched the previous Toy Story's on DVD and was quite a big fan of the characters. Being about a month short of 2 years old, I think she did marvelously. I know that she probably watches too many movies for a 2-year-old, but I really value that we share this love. We talk about her movies, and she learns so much. I also love how our tastes are so similar. We visited the Magic Kingdom today. After flying through Cinderellas castle to pay her respects, she wanted no part of the whole Princess treatment. She wanted to see Buzz, She was crushed when she was too short for Stitch's ride, and she drove the Tomorrowland racers better than I did.

Things I learned while doing my 365 day blog:
1. Writing a solid blog entry every day is tough.
2. People really need to watch more of these movies.
3. Lots of people read (nearly 7000 views) without commenting.
4. I love movie quotes.
5. Apparently I said something really profound in my Anastasia blog as it was my most viewed entry with nearly twice the views of the second place entry.
6. I really need to see more movies before 1990.

With #6 in mind, next week I will begin my new blog. For the next year, I am going to attempt to watch 100 movies that I am ashamed for having not seen. I figure that is pretty much 2 movies per week, which is a large step down from last year. Still, I will actually have to watch the movies this time. I have compiled a list 100, but feel free to recommend any if you didn't see them in my 365. I will rechristen this blog simply "Will's Movie Blog". See you next week!

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