Wednesday, June 22, 2011

362. The Fighter (2010)


That guy did not just get off the $*#%in' couch. If he did, I'm gonna get a couch like that.

I really need to rewatch this one before I make the final call, but I'm pretty sure this will end up being my favorite sports movie of all time. It is already my favorite boxing movie of all time. It simply does everything that "Rocky" did better and I can root for Micky Ward a whole lot easier than I can Jake LaMotta. I was literally jumping around and boxing in my seat in the theater during the movie's penultimate fight. It also didn't hurt that four actors gave probably the best performances of their careers. Mark Wahlberg was perfect as the strong silent Micky Ward. Christian Bale was amazing as Micky's brother and trainer Dicky. Amy Adams can do no wrong in my book, and actually made be believe she could be a cursing, hard-ass, New Englander. I didn't know much about Melissa Leo before this movie, but she gave the best acting performance of the 2010 as Micky and Dicky's manager and mother.

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