Thursday, February 2, 2017

Best of '16: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

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Me and this fat kid 
We ran we ate and read books 
And it was the best.

Earlier I wrote that Swiss Army Man was the most original film to be released in 2016. I stand by that assertion, but that movie isn't very accessible to the passive film-fan. If you still hunger for originality but aren't quite ready for Paul Dano riding a flatulent Harry Potter like a jetski, this is the movie for you. Set in the beautiful wilderness of New Zealand (I expected a hobbit to pop out at any time), this is the story of a young foster child and his grumpy reluctant guardian as they run from the law in search of freedom. Touching, funny, and exciting, I have no reservations suggesting this movie to pretty much anybody. It's in the redbox right now! Go get it!

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