Friday, December 24, 2010

183. Millions (2004)


-What was your miracle?
-Don't you know? It was you.

So I'm going a little out of order today and tomorrow for a couple of completely unconventional Christmas movies. The first is my favorite movie from 2004. The film follows two young brothers who have just dealt with their mother's death discovering a bag filled with one million pounds (it's in Britain if you didn't guess). Their exploits with this money is what gives the film its plot, but the element of fantasy added by director Danny Boyle is what makes it absolutely amazing. The younger of the two brothers is constantly in contact with and obsessed with Saints (halo and all). These "visions" serve to guide and protect him as he struggles with the ethical implications of dealing with one million pounds that he believes came directly from God.

I know I've said this before (and I will surely say it again), but drop what you are doing and see this movie immediately. It is criminally underseen. Go ahead, put down the "Grown Ups" dvd, turn off the Lifetime network, (for goodness sake) forego this years veiwing of "A Christmas Story", and watch this movie!


  1. But Will, how can anyone trust your word when you have VARSITY BLUES on your list? :) Seriously, Millions is a great film and would probably be even better without the money-seeking villains.

  2. You know you cracked a smile when Tweeter stole the police car and drove around naked... You know this...