Monday, December 20, 2010

177. Can't Hardly Wait (1998)


All right this is it. It is finally time for Kenny Fisher to become... da man. Now I've done my laps, and all ten finalists are present and accounted for. Ten lovely ladies, yo. Each one at my disposal. Ten willing and able tour guides into the theme park of love. But who will it be? Which of you gorgeous ten will be the lucky one?

The '50s had "Grease", the '60s, "American Graffiti", the '70s had "Dazed and Confused", the '80s, "The Breakfast Club", and the '90s had "Can't Hardly Wait". That may be a little presumptuous to list it among those classics, but, for me, it was the most definitive. It was released during the summer before my senior year of high school and was filled with a soundtrack of exactly the music that I was pumping in the Firebird (Eve 6, Smashmouth, Creed, Sneaker Pimps, Busta Rhymes, G Love and Special Sauce, Third Eye Blind, 311, Sublime, and Blink 182). The movie is about the house party the night after graduation. Preston only wants to finally deliver his message of undying love to the most popular girl at school Amanda. Amanda has just been dumped by her long-time boyfriend, the most popular guy at school, Mike. William is the leader of the geeks who seek to take the ultimate revenge on Mike. Kenny is a wanna-be who is packing a "love-kit" so that he can get lucky at the party. And Denise just doesn't want to be around these idiots any more. One of the coolest things is that the characters are introduced with title cards that list their GPA, school activities, and favorite quote.

This movie is also pretty important for introducing a plethora of actors and actresses who would enjoy many levels of success over the next decade. You may not have ever heard of some of these guys, but you definitely would recognize them: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Seth Green, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, Freddie Rodriguez, Sean Patrick Thomas, Breckin Meyer, Donald Faison, Jamie Pressley, Jason Segal, Eric Balfour, Selma Blair, Jenna Elfman, Mellisa Joan Hart, Jerry O'Connell. Wow, I was even impressed making that list!

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