Friday, January 22, 2016

Best of '15: Suffragette

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I would rather be a rebel than a slave.

We take the right to vote so embarrassingly for granted. Voting is the single most important aspect of representative democracy. We complain about our government, and yet have only ourselves to blame. If we voted in greater numbers, there isn't a doubt in my mind we could end wars, solve the health care conundrum, and, as a particular wanna-be politician loves to exclaim, "make America great again". In Suffragette, Carey Mulligan is heart-breakingly perfect as a young woman who gives up her job, her husband, her son, and her well-being to fight for the right to vote. The filmmakers treat the astonishing subject with such a respectful and delicate touch that the movie feels like an actual step back in time offering the viewer a peak into the struggles of pre-war Britain as women demanded equality.

Once you watch this movie (and you should, like now...), check out this link from Biography detailing the real-life stories that inspired the film:

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