Sunday, January 17, 2016

Best of '15: The Good Dinosaur

 photo pixar-the-good-dinosaur-10-1437544616681_zpsuvraydrt.jpg

You have to get through your fear to see the beauty on the other side.

I got a little lazy and a bit behind on my 2015 recap the past couple of days, so I'll try to do a couple tonight.

I usually side with the critics. My tastes in movies seem to coincide with folks like Peter Travers, James Berardinelli, and Todd McCarthy. Pretty much once or twice a year there is a big issue or movie that we disagree on though. This year it was the overwhelming love for Inside Out. I liked it, but I just felt it lacked the normal Pixar simplicity that made Toy Story, Up, and Monsters, Inc. so special. The Good Dinosaur was, by far, my favorite of the Pixar offerings from this year. This movie feels like a classic John Ford western... with dinosaurs. What's wrong with that? One of Pixar's greatest accomplishments is getting you to be emotional invested in things that seem silly (toys, monsters, ants, rats, etc.). If you aren't moved to tears by the scene pictured above, then you just plain don't like Pixar movies.

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