Wednesday, April 27, 2011

305. Wordplay (2006)


And there's word-choice rules. You can't use - usually - bodily functions in puzzles, you know. "Urine" would bail me out of a corner, I mean, a million times a year. Same with "enema." "Enema" - talk about great letters...

A documentary about crossword puzzles. Sometimes movies that can be summed up so succintly are bland, but it is much more often that a filmmaker is able to tell a gripping story from the seemingly mundane by strictly keeping it simple. The first half of the movie explains the power of the puzzle by studying its main champion, New York times puzzle guru Will Shortz, and his fans. The film really takes off though in the second act as dedicated word wizards tackle the puzzles at competition. This is definitely one of those movies that will make you want to watch more documentaries.

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