Monday, March 21, 2011

269. Jersey Girl (2004)


-Thank you, daddy.
-Anything for you, Gert. You know why?
-'Cause you're the only thing I was ever really good at.

This movie faced two really big obstacles. One, everyone saw it as a Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez movie in the same vein as the infamously horrendous "Gigli". And two, it will always be remembered as the one "PG-13" Kevin Smith movie. I firmly believe if "Bennifer" wasn't part of our mid-'00s lexicon and people had never heard of Kevin Smith that this movie would have been quite a bit more fondly remembered. It really is one of the best "Father/Daughter" movies of all time. I realize that's not saying much, but in the past two and a half years I have begun to understand this movie more and more. Love you Abby!

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  1. Love this movie, the obsession with Sweeney Todd, George Carlin as the grandpa, and J-lo is only in the movie for about 5 seconds.