Friday, March 11, 2011

259. 21 Grams (2003)


How many lives do we live? How many times do we die? They say we all lose 21 grams... at the exact moment of our death. Everyone. And how much fits into 21 grams? How much is lost? When do we lose 21 grams? How much goes with them? How much is gained? How much is gained? Twenty-one grams. The weight of a stack of five nickels. The weight of a hummingbird. A chocolate bar. How much did 21 grams weigh?

Most people probably see this movie (and all of Inarritu's movies for that matter) as pretty depressing. I choose to see it as a reminder of the things we do have. Life is fleeting, and no one knows when their ticket might get punched. This movie revolves around how three people deal with a horrendous tragedy in their lives. For me, it serves more as a lesson to cherish the living than as a sorrowful lament to the dead.

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