Wednesday, February 16, 2011

236. Roger Dodger (2002)


I could tell you that what you think of as your personality is nothing but a collection of Vanity Fair articles. I could tell you your choice of sexual partners this evening was decided months ago by some account executive at Young & Rubicam. I could tell you that given a week to study your father and the ways in which he ignores you I could come up with a schtick you'd be helpless to resist. Helpless.

Love. Sex. Innocence. Most of the time these themes are dealt with in the normal Hollywood manner: with a formulaic "boy meets girl" romance. This movie dares to be different. A then unknown Jesse Eisenberg portrays a teenage boy who is completely at a loss when it comes to women. For advice he turns to his uncle who, by all appearances, is a successful womanizer and living the life of the young boy's dreams. The two spend an evening wondering the streets of New York as they both learn that it is not always in the simple pursuit of females that one finds happiness. Campbell Scott is absolutely divine delivering the fast-talking words of of wisdom of the uncle, and a post-Showgirls Elizabeth Berkley also makes a pretty strong appearance.

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