Monday, February 7, 2011

228. Bandits (2001)


-I don't know. Kate's a special lady.
-Kate is an iceberg waiting for the Titanic.

Like the great majority of movies I saw in the theater from 1997-2003, I saw this one with my friend Brian. We shared the same love of bank-robbin' movies, so couldn't resist when this was released. About half way through, we began to see some uncanny coincidences. Bruce Willis played an extroverted, smooth-talking leader much like myself, while Billy Bob Thornton was a quirky, glasses-wearing, "brains of the operation" introvert much like Brian. When the pair picked up an emotionally fragile redhead whose sole ambition was to be a singer, we were absolutely awestruck (I had been dating Angie for a couple of years and she pretty much fits that bill). The three of us have never had quite the level of adventure and lawlessness as is found with the characters in this movie, but the personal connection makes this one of my favorites.

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