Tuesday, October 26, 2010

124. Baraka (1992)


A pattern that you might detect during my 365 is that I tend to be drawn to films based upon their dialogue. It is certainly true that I believe a solid screenplay can easily overcome poor cinematography and cheap special effects, and that the reverse is certainly not true (even the most expensive robots in the world can't make the Smithsonian in the middle of a desert Mr. Bay...) Well, this movie kinda breaks that mold. This is the only movie in my 365 that is completely without dialogue. With these facts in mind, you must realize that this is the most beautiful work of visual moving of art of all time. Surprisingly enough, a theme actually is developed as the viewer is whisked to some of the most beautiful places on Earth as the relationship between Man and planet is explored. One of the most moving motion pictures of all time.

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