Monday, October 18, 2010

116. JFK (1991)


All these documents are yours. The people's property, you pay for it! But because the government considers you children who might be too disturbed or distressed to face this reality, or because you might possibly lynch those involved, you cannot see these documents for another seventy-five years. I'm in my early forties, so I'll have shuffled off this mortal coil by then, but I'm already telling my eight-year-old son to keep himself physically fit, so that one glorious September morning, in the year 2038, he can walk into the National Archives, and find out what the CIA and the FBI knew! They might even push it back then, hell it may become a generational affair, with questions passed down from father to son, mother to daughter, but someday, somewhere, somebody will find out the damn truth.

Whether you buy what it's selling or not, there is no denying that Oliver Stone created one of the most important, jaw-dropping, epic, and powerful historical dramas of all time with "JFK". For the uniformed viewer, one of the most shocking qualities of this movie is that it is not a movie about John F. Kennedy. Instead, it chooses to attempt to answer the "why" of Kennedy's assassination through an investigation of the "findings" of the Warren commision. After taking the viewer on an exhaustive trip through witnesses to the Dallas attack and acquantances of those most involved, Oliver Stone concludes his masterpiece with a courtroom trial that seeks to charge Clay Shaw with the murder of Kennedy. In one of the most moving moments in the history of film, Stone chooses to break the fourth wall and have Costner's character deliver the final lines (above) directly to the viewer.

Also, just for the record, this movie is one of the biggest reasons the whole "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon" thing works so well. I mean check out this cast, it's pretty much a who's-who of Hollywood for about 70 years:
Kevin Costner
Tommy Lee Jones
Gary Oldman
Joe Pesci
Kevin Bacon
Jack Lemmon
Sissy Spacek
Walter Matthau
Donald Sutherland
Edward Asner
John Candy
Vincent D'Onofrio

My link to Kevin Bacon: 1. My Sister was friends with 2. Jessica Jordan in middle school who played 3. Mandy Moore's stand-in in "A Walk to Remember" who also starred in "Saved" with 4. Macaulay Culkin who was in "Home Alone" with 5. Joe Pesci who was in "JFK" with 6. Kevin Bacan BLAMMMOOOO!!!!

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