Monday, January 9, 2017

Best of '16: Moana

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I know the way! I AM MOANA!

Disney is on a pretty solid win-streak in this decade. Purchasing Marvel and Lucasfilm while keeping the Pixar folks on board may prove to be the most financially lucrative decisions of the new millennium. Combine that with actually telling solid stories in their tentpole features (aka "the Pixar method") and you are on a roll.

As for this film, it is the best of the new Disney. It does everything the classic films did right and avoids nearly all of their unfortunate paternalistic lessons. I actually think it would have been even better without the Rock's Maui character. His motivation was a little unclear (he actually caused the entire conflict), and he is little more than comic relief or an excuse to have a central "boy" character. The movie still succeeds at being the most inspiring and beautiful mainstream animated film of the past few years.

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