Saturday, January 14, 2017

Best of '16: Hell or High Water

 photo Hell-Or-High-Water-Still_zps2zs8xqwf.jpg

-You fellas robbin' the bank?
-What's it look like old man?!?
-But you ain't Mexicans.

Any devoted reader of my movie blog knows I am a sucker for a bank-robbin' movie. This is especially true when the perpetrators are logical (banks are insured, insurance companies are crooks, we're just robbing the robbers), noble (this money is just going to help my family/sick cousin/lame dog/etc.), and charismatic (it helps if you cast somebody like McConaughey, Willis, or, you know, Chris "Capt. Kirk" Pine). It's even better when the robbers are pitted against an equally logical, noble, and charismatic lawman (extra points if you can find the money for Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, or, you know, "The Dude" himself.

This movie is darn near perfect. I can't imagine anybody who likes a good "western"-type movie disliking it. This movie is on DVD and streaming services. Close this browser, put down your phone, get off the computer, go watch this now!

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