Monday, September 13, 2010

81. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)


Beeeeeee... gooood.

I never really wanted pets growing up. Don't get me wrong I had an amazing dog, a few bearable tomcats, and a cool-as-ice turtle, but I never really yearned for animal companionship. What I did want was a little brown alien that I could carry around on my bicycle and fly across the moon. This movie combines so many childhood fantasies it is unreal. Discovering an unknown creature in the woods, outsmarting the grown-ups, flirting with the cute blonde girl in class, playing with Star Wars toys with a freakin' alien (head explodes at the awesomeness), and running from the cops (for all the right reasons of course) on BMX bikes. Looking back that final chase scene isn't really up to par with some of the great chase scenes in movie history, but it was something I could do. I couldn't drive a car really fast like Steve McQueen; I couldn't jump from truck to truck like Indiana Jones; and I couldn't dangle from helicopters like James Bond, but I could ride my huffy and reenact that final scene every afternoon in my backyard (aside from the cops and flying finale of course). The other great thing to take from this movie is the view of aliens as beings that are only intersested in scientific investigation and telling us to "be good". That may not be as exciting as running from your life from an acid-bleeding, brain-sucking terror, but it sure does warm the heart and offers a pretty cool model for humanity at the same time.

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