Wednesday, July 14, 2010

20. Citizen Kane (1941)


I run a couple of newspapers. What do you do?

Widely viewed by critics and movie industry insiders as the greatest movie ever made, this film is pretty amazing but also a tad overrated simply because of the hyperbole used to describe it. Let me just say that this movie made the 365 because of its importance to cinema. I DO NOT suggest this movie to most people because it can be a bit boring and it is the kind of film that turns people off of black and white movies altogether. Just FYI, here's the modern-day norms that Citizen Kane pretty much created:
-Non-linear storytelling/Flashback storytelling/multiple perspective storytelling
-"Deep focus" a method of lighting and camerawork that allows for both foreground and background elements of a shot to be in focus (this is huge, and most people never even notice it)
-Low-angle shots (with the ceiling in the background)
-Ultra-transformative makeup (Orson Welles plays Kane from the age of 25 until his death as an elderly man)
-Beginning the movie at the end of the movie

Bottom line- you should check this out if you are truly interested in the history of film and want to see some groundbreaking stuff.

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