Friday, January 4, 2013

Best of '12: Argo

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-The saying goes, "What starts in farce ends in tragedy." 
 -No, it's the other way around. 
 -Who said that exactly? 
 -Groucho said that?

 This is true-story drama-thriller for the Star Wars generation in a very literal sense. There have always been quite a few of Affleck doubters. When he and Matt Damon burst on the scene with "Good Will Hunting", I clearly remember the conspiracy theorists who attributed the development of the movie to someone else. There was a quite popular (and equally silly) hypothesis that Kevin Smith wrote the film and attributed it to the handsome young men to make it a better human interest story. After 3 movies in the directors chair, I think Mr. Affleck has certainly done enough to silence any of his doubters.

 This movie stretched the limits of our definitions of the true-story-spy-drama. It was at the same time thrilling, moving, and supremely intriguing. Many of my favorite movies or off-putting to some, slow to others, and downright boring to many. Rest assured this is not one of those. Even though there are enough references to a galaxy far, far away to make this film quite personal, I simply cannot understand an American movie-goer leaving this film with anything but a spring in their step, pride in their hearts, and maybe even a little extra love for their loved ones.

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