Monday, February 13, 2012

Warrior (2011) 4/5


I'll tell you what: you do that to someone on the street and they'd lock you up and throw away the key! Break out the yellow tape, Sam. Tommy's walking away from the cage like he's leaving a crime scene.

Much like "The Fighter" last year, this movie deals with the trials and tribulations of fighting brothers (both in and out of the ring). The biggest difference is that these brothers have traded in the poofy gloves of the sweet science for the knuckle pads of MMA. Also, much like "The Fighter", the acting performance of the family patriarch steals the show. Instead of an overbearing mother, this time it's Nick Nolte's recovering alcoholic widower who trains his son. The dynamic between the brothers is enough of a change to not cry "rip off" though. This story is much more of a formulaic Davids vs. Goliaths tale, but that is okay. What is does it does with flair and sincere emotion. The one critique I have is that the two Pittsburgh natives are played by an Australian and a Brit. Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy may have the physical look, but their accents broke quite a few times during the movie.

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