Monday, June 28, 2010

5. Monkey Business (1931)


Oh, why can't we break away from all this, just you and I, and lodge with my fleas in the hills? I mean... flee to my lodge in the hills.

....and we're back to the Marx Brothers. This film is a nonstop excuse for funny skits. The brother's begin by stowing away on a cruise liner, then crash an upscale party, then get chased by gangsters for the grand finale. There's some semblance of storyline that links these things together, but it really doesn't matter. Probably my favorite scene comes when Chico and Harpo interrupt a chess match and then commandeer the board and pieces and proceed to play and shush people in strange places throughout the cruise ship.

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  1. Lots of great lines here - including a barbershop reference to The Marx Brothers in the film's opening minutes. Plenty of fun.