Friday, June 25, 2010

#1. Metropolis (1927)

Fritz Lang's masterpiece is an admittedly risky starting point for this blog. First, I'll probably lose a bunch of possible readers because the film is (gasp) black & white and (even bigger gasp) silent. To those I say, have no fear the talkies and Technicolor is coming. Another portion of possible readers will be appalled that this is the ONLY silent film on my list. I freely admit that I do not have enough experience with silent cinema and I fully realize that there are many great films from this era, but I just haven't seen them yet. Feel free to suggest some...

With that said, this film will make your jaw drop to the floor. Absolutely beautiful from start to finish. It transports you to the future in a world where there is a clear and absolute distinction between the workers who toil without reason and reward and the thinkers who live in luxury and decadence with no connection to the work by which it is acheived. The film uses some pretty epic storylines to illustrate the problems and disconnect that can form in a capitalist society. One could watch this flick everyday for a month and find something new or get new ideas every time.

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