Saturday, September 3, 2011

15. Ghost (1990) 7/10


-I love you Molly. I always have.

Quality 3/5
Enjoyability 4/5

I really, really wish I had seen this movie in the theater in 1990. It has the perfect mix of drama and fantasy that is one of the biggest reasons I love movies. The reason I have avoided it for so long, is its relatively simple story and the fact that, either on a VH1 special or referenced in another movie, I had already seen the most famous scenes many times over. One of the film's most impressive feats is developing the believability of the undying love of its main characters in the first fifteen minutes despite the age difference between Swayze and Moore (and the relatively wooden performances by each). Bottom line, if I had seen this film in 1990, it probably would have ended up being one of my favs. Beautiful romance with just a touch of fantasy is definitely gonna win me over.

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